Tag: Supers


  • Omegas

    Omega level supers are supers who posses untold power capabilities.

    There have never been any recorded cases of this level, but the Meek talk and fear about it.

  • Supers

    Over the years, humans developed super powers, later learned to be origin to be from technology advancements.

    The civil rights movements have already passes and almost forgotten about.  Little to no fear of supers exist, except for the …

  • Champion Legacy

    As far back as anyone can remember the supers, the Champion existed.

    The Champion was always the hero vigilante, of New York.

    The title has been passed down from parent to child over the years.

    The last known Champion …

  • Selena Silverman

    Reporter who is top notch at getting action pictures Hows powers to transmit visuals to a hard drive outside of her location. She is also surprisingly stealthy.

  • Berserk

    Lost its parents to a hybrid growing up, (s)he believes they should be wiped off the Earth. It is undetermined what gender Berserk is, but it is know its real name is Joel. Seeing a hybrid turned hero, (s)he will not stop till (s)he has proof she is …

  • Tin Penny

    It is unknown whether he is a super or a hybrid, but he is all kinds of strange. Stories say his face, and mind, were lost in an accident a long time ago. He is, however, an extremely good dealer, able to acquire almost anything you want, for a low …