Fox hybrid


Nightshade stands 5’ 6" with black fur and silver hair and light green eyes. She is your typical voluptuous female fox that would generally find their place in a bath house or strip like joints.


Nightshade never kew her parents and grew up on the streets running into all kinds of situations and trouble growing up. Form “savage” trafficking to watching other kids killed or damaged as she grew Nightshade then subscribed to the mentality of life is not easy you have to take it by the throat and shake it to take it.

Nightshade has her own moral code and it is often confusing and caterwumpus to other heroes or villains and her new team will have to find out were lines lie as this nonsense called being a hero evolves.

Night shade has made a large safe zone in the sewers of the fringe for those that are willing to follow her rules. Those that live there are kept healthy and relatively safe from others. She uses the excess money from her weapons ring to keep this safe area up and running with adequate resources.


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